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Our holistic approach to oral healthcare takes into account the effects of the treatment on the whole body and combines this with an awareness of your wider needs as a unique individual - structural, biochemical and emotional.

It also means we only use bio-compatible materials and adopt an approach of early detection and minimal intervention.

Latest technology - Holistic does not mean that we don't use technology! On the contrary, our modern purpose-designed offices are fitted with the latest technology and computer-aided diagnostic equipment, to provide you with state-of-the-art dental treatment.

Convenient location - Our dental surgery is very conveniently located in Neutral Bay on Sydney's lower north shore, near major bus and ferry services. More about how to visit us.

Our holistic dental team is passionate about holistic dentistry

We are passionately committed to holistic dentistry and bringing it into mainstream dentistry!

We cover all aspects of dentistry - and our world-class dentists offer particular skills in TMJ, cosmetic dentistry, functional orthodontics, working with children and anxious patients, safe amalgam replacement and detoxification.

As part of the Lotus Holistic Health Centre we also work with other holistic health practitioners, depending on your specific needs, to assist you on your journey to exceptional health.


Our staff are happy to assist you with any queries or concerns you may
have, and help you find a suitable time for a consultation.

A Beautiful Smile shadow7

A Beautiful Smile

We believe that everyone has the right to a beautiful smile! We offer a full range of cosmetic procedures for both adults and children.

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Safe Amalgam Replacement shadow8

Safe Amalgam Replacement

Many people are electing for health reasons to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed. We use the (IAOMT) safe amalgam removal protocol for your safety.

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For Anxious Patients shadow9

For Anxious Patients

We can help anxious patients to relax with hypnosis or laughing gas, or a combination of both - these are very effective techniques for patients suffering fear and anxiety.

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TMJ & Structural Alignment shadow10

TMJ & Structural Alignment:

One out of eight people suffer from headaches so severe that they cannot function normally. These problems are often related

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Children's Dentistry shadow11

Children's Dentistry

Detect any problems early and treat them with minimal intervention, so that extensive treatment is not necessary in later

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A centre of excellence for holistic dentistry in Sydney.