Aquilizer TMJ Appliance

The Aqualizer’s™ fluid system adjusts bite balance and stability, allowing the muscles themselves to automatically reposition the jaw to where it naturally works best. 

TMJ/TMD sufferers use Aqualizer temporary splints for pain relief, functional improvement, and as an aide to the diagnosis and treatment of dentally triggered or exacerbated disfunction and pain.

SIZES: They come in sizes Ultra / Mini with Low, Medium or High options.

PACKS: Available individually or in packs of 10 from our dental offices in Neutral Bay, or purchase online.

Aqualizers are normally first fitted by your dentist – so if you don’t know what size you are, please call us so we can discuss your requirements.

Usage and Warnings

Aquilizer (Individual)

AU $48 incl. GST

Aquilizer (Pack of 10)

AU $375 incl. GST


For more information

Please contact us for more information about the Aqualizer™.




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