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Technology used in our dental treatments


At Lotus Dental we use the latest technology for diagnosis and to minimise intervention:


  • Digital X-Rays

  • Ozone for sterilising and eliminating bacteria during treatment

  • Picasso diode laser for minor surgical procedures

  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) extraction for bone and tissue

  • Low level laser using a Weber medical laser

  • Joint vibrational analysis

  • Electromyography

  • Jaw movement analysis

  • Aculiner articulator for TMJ diagnosis and treatment


Digital X-Rays


Using digital X-rays uses 50% less radiation.




Ozone is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.

It can be used to sterilise cavities prior to placing fillings, which means there is less drilling and more sound tooth structure left in place. It can be used for reversing early decay in children, can be applied into periodontal pockets in the treatment of gum disease and to root canals to eliminate bacteria before filling the canals.

We also use it to sterilise the water we use in our dental units, ensuring the cleanest possible water we can, with no chemical residues.


Picasso Diode Laser


We use a Picasso Diode laser for minor surgical procedures such as treatment of periodontal disease and treatment of tongue ties.


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)


Blood is collected at the beginning of the procedure in specific test tubes and spun in a customised centrifuge, for rebuilding bone and tissue. Read more.


Low Level Laser


We use a medical laser for low level laser. It delivers various frequencies of light to penetrate the nerves, tissue and cells.


Jaw Movement Analysis


Jaw movement analysis allows us to place the teeth in a balanced position with the muscles and jaw joints, and to diagnose any problems which may interfere with smooth comfortable jaw movement and tooth occlusion.


Aculiner ~ TMJ Specific Technology


As Neuromuscular dentists we use the Aculiner in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ syndrome.

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