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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF ) is produced from your own blood and may be used in dental procedures such as tooth extraction or gum surgery.


PRF can be made into a membrane and is used for new bone formation:

  • following extractions

  • in periodontal bone loss around teeth.

It can be mixed with bone grafting material:

  • to rebuild the bone following extractions and gum surgery,

  • in bone repair from trauma and

  • prior to implant placement if there is insufficient bone for the implant.


The process

Blood is collected at the beginning of the procedure in special test tubes and spun in a customised centrifuge.

The blood can be processed in 2 ways, producing a solid fibrin-rich plug (PRF) or a liquid, injectable form (iPRF).


Injectable PRF (iPRF)

Injectable PRF is a liquid that can be used in the joints and around muscles and tendons. We combine this with low level laser.

Platelet-rich fibrin application in dentistry: a literature review:

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