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Anxious Patients

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At Lotus Dental we know that even with today’s fast acting and powerful pain relief some patients are anxious. We offer nitrous oxide and hyponosis (often combined).

Nitrous oxide sedation


Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) sedation helps you to relax and dissociate from the procedure, and is very safe and comfortable. You remain fully conscious and a few minutes of 100% oxygen at the end flushes all the nitrous oxide out, leaving you feeling refreshed, alert and able to drive straight away. Often we use hypnosis in conjunction


Hypnosis is a procedure of focused attention, which allows the conscious mind to dissociate from outside stimuli and be absorbed in some activity, image or feeling. It enables you to experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts and behaviour using the power of the mind and without drugs.

Initially, the patient is taught to enter hypnosis through an induction process which, as it includes suggestions for relaxation and well-being, is normally a very pleasurable experience. The therapist is only the guide making the suggestions and the decision whether or not to follow these suggestions remains under the patient’s control.

Some patients go into a ‘trance state’ whilst others simply have an intense new focus of attention. These states of mind appear to be a natural part of human nature and every day life. With practice, most patients can learn to do this spontaneously.

Hypnosis in dentistry

In Dentistry we use can hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra to retrain the body to relax during dental treatment, to become less fearful of visits to the dentist and sometimes to provide pain relief and thus avoid the use of local anaesthetic.

Under hypnosis or deep relaxation, time appears to pass very quickly and the dental treatment feels as though it is completed in no time. At the end of the treatment you are relaxed and refreshed, quite an unusual feeling for dental-phobic patients – and all done with the power of the mind rather than drugs.

If you are interested in experiencing this at your next dental appointment please discuss your individual needs with the dentist.

with Nitrous Oxide sedation (laughing gas) to enhance its effect and provide even deeper relaxation.


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